One on One Training with Terry Lively
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One on One Training with Terry Lively

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This is a customized one on one  class tailored to your needs. This is a $500 deposit to schedule your class.  

Prior to class, Terry will talk with you,  find out your strengths and weaknesses, then outline a training curriculum specifically for you !

You must have had a previous fundamentals class and hands on experience with clients.  

Tuition is $1000 per day, or 3 days for $2500.00
A $500 deposit is required to schedule this class.

Terry is an SPCP certified trainer, a Softap certified trainer, and has over 20 years experience in cosmetic, traditional, and medical tattooing.  She works in every modality, including rotary machines, hand method and traditional coil machines.  Her current passion is 3D nipple tattooing for breast cancer patients, and is referred clients from over 10 surgeons in the South Texas area.  

Call 210-585-8410  for additional information and to schedule your class.

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