Axys Valhalla Rotary Pen

Axys Valhalla Rotary Pen
Axys Valhalla Rotary Pen
Axys Valhalla Rotary Pen
Axys Valhalla Rotary Pen

Axys Valhalla Rotary Pen

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Axys Valhalla rotary pen with slim grip. Comes in pink, teal,  or solid black.  This machine is going to change the way you do cosmetic and areola tattooing, scars, traditional tattooing,  etc.  One machine with adjustable stroke with the turn of a dial while working. No need to take your machine apart and change out cams, etc.  Terry loves this machine for doing everything from soft gentle eyeliner, to areola work and scars. This is the version with a slimmer grip.  Made in the USA.  Purchase of the machine includes a FREE online class on the Axys Valhalla pen including techniques for eyebrows, eyeliner and color packing. You must contact us after purchasing the machine to obtain free access to the online class.  Here are the specs on the Axys Valhalla machine:

Features and Specs:

  • Driven by an 10 Watt, high-torque, Swiss made, Maxon precision motor.
  • Fully American manufactured and assembled.
  • Constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum, finished in Mil Spec Type II anodizing.
  • American made Main Bearing
  • 5 strokes in one machine, changeable on the fly
  • Primary range of 8 volts – 14.5 volts (motor will start and run down to 3v)
  • Lubricated for life
  • No need for maintenance
  • Uses RCA connection (**does not come with cord**)
  • Does not come with power supply or battery pack

Click here to view the Valhalla User Manual 


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